National Park is a photographic and audio installation made in collaboration with Tali Keren and commissioned by Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City. Visitors were invited to treat the work as a stage where one could stand next to an image of past presidents and examine oneself in relation to these decaying yet steadfast symbolic monuments. The large, curved structure references the shape of Ancient Greek amphitheaters, alluding to the relationship between theater and politics. National Park emits a continuous audio loop of ambient sounds recorded in the Virginia field where the presidential statues reside. The work creates a site of slippage where the sounds recorded in Virginia become enmeshed within the soundscape of a New York City public park. Viewers could also use a QR code to listen to a conversation with the builder who “saved” the busts from destruction.

National Park, 2017-18, collaboration with Tali Keren, wood, vinyl, rock speakers that emit ambient sounds, and audio narrative accessible through QR code,
8x18x4’, Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, NY